Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Mika; Life In Cartoon Motion

- This is Mika's debut album so it's used to establish his style
- Colorful cover is code for vibrant, bright personality
- The hand drawn images are code for a laid back life, not serious
- Although everything is in cartoon, there is a real image of Mika so that he is publicizing himself as a person
- The cover is in cartoons because of the album name 'Life in Cartoon Motion'
- The images are referring to the separate songs in the album such as a woman in the corner which is with the 'Big Girls You Are Beautiful' song.
- The piano in the corner shows that the artist is musically talented as he can play piano and not just sing
- Flowers are code for peace and love, hippy
- The mechanic's show all the hard work that has gone into making this album
- The sofas on the corner are referring to the single 'Relax, Take It Easy', this means it is a relaxing album.
- The clouds and blue sky are code for heavenly, dreamy
- It has the conventional artist name. It is 3D, bold and all in capital letters. Capital letters are code for 'the next big thing', not a quiet or shy man. It looks like it has been stenciled in which fits in with the hand drawn theme
- It has a conventional album name. It looks hand written which is code for down to earth and shows that he does everything himself; all the music. It is blue to be colorful and lively
- There is also an image of the artist himself which is a typical convention of an album cover, however, the images have more priority over the artwork suggesting that the music means more to him than the fame.
- The girl in the pink with a lollipop is a code for the song 'Lollipop'
- There are mini arrows everywhere showing that there are different directions to his music, not just one style. He as an artist wants to move in different directions to get newer audiences and make a revolution.

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  1. Some interesting and insightful analysis of codes. Do consider the conventions of album covers.