Friday, 5 November 2010

Lady GaGa ft Beyonce; Telephone

Main conventions used:
- Explicit reference to Thelma and Louise and Kill Bill
- Establishing shot; jail
- Low angle shots; especially on the fence. This gives the illusion that it is higher than it actually it, to show that the character cannot get out
- Many establishing shots at the beginning of the video
- Font is;
-- Yellow and pink
-- 90's font graphic
-- Feminine, block, chunky
-- Promotes 'girl power'
- CCTV Shot
- High angles
- Progressive narrative
- Iconic shoulders
- Old fashioned costumes
- Titillation
- Erotic clothing
- Dolly shots, showing Lady Gaga's point of view
- Breaks the 30 degree rule
- Realistic mise en scene
- Juxtaposition with costumes
- The baton is a code for phallic
- Breaks 180 degree rule
- Product placement
- Not realistic camera work
- The video makes the artist seem very important
- Neurotic, intimate camera work
- Match on action
- Series of stills; jump cuts
- Phallic sausage role

Lady GaGa is iconic for her odd outfits and strange behaviour. This was a break through video breaking many rules. It included a narrative at the beginning to introduce Lady GaGa and to set the scene, there was also a narrative break in the middle to introduce Beyonce. Having breaks in the music for the artist's, promotes the importance of both these artists as individuals. The theme for this video is obvious 'girl power', the video is filled with women in erotic clothing through out, there aren't many men, but those that are in it are taken of their masculinity.

From this video, I especially like the idea of having a 'theme', so I will think of a theme for my own, as I think it makes the video more personal and intriguing.

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