Thursday, 4 November 2010

2pac; Ghetto Gospel

- Point of view shot
- Close up
- Establishing shot
- Helicopter hints to the audience that there is a crime scene
- The video goes straight into the action
- Non diegetic sounds
- Stereo typical costume
- Defocusing
- Realistic environment
- Dark to light
- Happy times are with Elton John's voice
- Hand held camera; this helps the video seem more realistic
- Run down area; this is shown with a graffiti infested area
- Bars; this is a code for crime
- The narrative is given by a montage of clips and images
- - A single parent household
- - Dodgy dealings
- - Bible and church show a religious side
- A conventional hip hop video
- Constantly focuses on the narrative; we know this because there are no flashes to the artist singing. The point of the video was to get a point across to its audience, a tribute to 2Pac.
- The video is a cycle as it starts and ends at the same point. This happens in many music video's that I have analysed such as Katy Perry's Waking Up In Vegas.
- Temporal leaps; the montage isn't in a specific order.
- There is a clock on the side, to give a sense of time.
- The weather uses pathetic fallacy to reflect the mood of the video.
- Fades to black are used to show a change in time.
- The man is shown living a gangsta life yet a religious side is also shown.
- Graphic matches
- Close up on hands; code for drug money.
- Shows the man as a family man; a good person.
- As the man is walking alone, he seems like he is isolated. He has gates either side to him, as if there is no way out.

This video, shows a story and is more about the narrative than the actual music. It is a message to many young people who are doing illegal things, that you can always turn your life around, before it's too late. The message has been put clearly across by using a real life story as you can see the actual artist on the television in the background which affects the audience in a more personal way.

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