Saturday, 6 November 2010

Eminem ft Rihanna; Love The Way You Lie

This video isn't chronological as it is not shown with a progression of time. Montage shows sense of their relationship. Leaps from different types; flash backs. Editing in time with music. Series of close-ups which are codes for their emotions. Drifting in and out of focus; spontaneous.
The artists aren't on a stage. 2 worlds collide; performers are part of the narrative. Actors mime the lyrics.
Fire is code for destruction, anger, a burning desire, pain, fire in their belly.
The mise-en-scene is realistic because it's in an everyday house. They don't care about the outside world as they have the curtains closed. Natural light makes it look devine. Insight to their lifestyle (beer bottle). Editing in time with the music. Costume creates image.
Code for liberty, freedom, he has escaped to field, juxtaposition. Tilt, pan, this field may go on forever. Iconic costume of Eminem; white vest Rihanna is code for sexuality. Camera tracks them, facial expressions.

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