Thursday, 7 April 2011

Video Upload

This is the final video, ENJOY :)

Last Bits of Editing

Today, I did the last tiny bits of the editing that Miss suggested I do in the first hour. I changed a bit of the lip sync and a few shots. I had other people watch the video before it was fully converted to a .mov file. Now I have created the file and will be uploading the video to YouTube.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Video Complete!

So I filmed the last scene which took 15 minutes. I then uploaded the scene and edited it so that it all made sense. I copied the idea we had on the storyboard and so I had all the shots needed.

A lot of the lip synching was out of sync because when we imported shots, the lip synching moved along as it hadn't been locked. So I have put all the lip synching in place.

Also, I felt that the last part of the video was slightly boring as it just finished on to the doors (and not very attractive either!) so I imported the last clip on to iMovie and added a title at the end. I put the name of the song and the artist's name as she is a new artist so this would help to establish her as this is in big letters and pink, which is a popular colour for our target audience. I think it finished the video off nicely.

However I asked Miss to evaluate it as there is still a bit of time before the deadline and received feedback such as
- lip synching was slightly out at 3 points
- one image needs to be changed so that it has more energy in it

I will do these finishing touches tomorrow in my lesson. However, right now I am doing my evaluation.
So now the video is complete and I am asking people to watch it and give me final comments on what they think.

Filming Problem

So today we were supposed to film the last clip (throwing Jack outside) however my partner isn't in and we can't film tomorrow as that is the date for the deadline. So I have asked around for people to film for me and I have found somebody willing.
I have made sure that all the actors are available to film and so I'm going to get the location ready now and then ask everyone to come down to film. Then I will upload this and edit, once this is finished then the video will be finished as a whole and I will only have my evaluation to do.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Editing Update 3

Today, in lesson me and Natasha both did some editing. We were supposed to be filming for the final sequence of chucking the guy out of the interrogation room however, the main guy went home early, even though we had booked him.
Instead, we started working on the final sequence.

I had a free lesson in period 5 so I went up to do some more editing. In this time, I finished the final sequence completely by implementing fast shots for the montage of the memories of when they were boyfriend/girlfriend. I have made it obvious that these are memories by using the 'sepia' effect on those clips. I sped up the shots of:
- Both of them running around (sepia also)
- Both of them talking and laughing on the bench (sepia also)
- Both of them walking together linking arms (sepia also)
- The artist freaking out
- The artist spinning around

Also, our feedback had said that the bridge could have been made better, so I imported the artist singing with the lights also as well as the old clips. This gives a variety of shots instead of just one boring one, it changes scenes on the beat which in a convention of most pop music videos.
I have put another small clip of the artist on the beat at the beginning because someone I was sitting next to said it would be good to have another shot on the next beat to make it sort of repetitive, which I found valuable advice. And people in class have told me that the video looks so much better now that we have re-filmed the chorus in the drama studies with the lights! So that's good!

Friday, 1 April 2011


Today, we did so much filming! We re-filmed the chorus in the drama rooms, we used the specialist lights for this to make it look more professional, as our feedback from the showcase suggested that our current chorus (which was plain in-front of curtains) didn't look very professional. I suggested that we should use purple lights as the artist is called 'VIOLET Rowe' so this would be her statement colour so hopefully when people thing of purple/violet, this will be associated with Violet Rowe. This made a huge impact and the footage looks so much better. We were able to do this in the space of one hour as I got ready and turned the lights on during form time, so this was so successful within the time provided.

We also re-shot the beginning of the video as we realised the continuity wasn't great as we had a flood light in some sections whereas in others, it only used the light from a small lamp, also in this location we filmed the walking down bit again as last time my flower was on the wrong side of my head! So now, the whole first section's continuity is corrected and looks so much better. We also filmed some establishing shots of the artist getting ready (putting make-up/shoes on) which we want to put quick edits in at the beginning when she is walking down the stairs because the music is jumpy, so gives us a lot of room to do some fast edits instead of just plainly walking down stairs.

In the third lesson, we filmed the artist and the male together (before he cheated on her) just on a normal school day sitting on a bench and walking and running around a field, just generally being young and happy. I thought this would be good to put in the montage at the end as memories before she shuts the doors as to prove she's finished.

We had a small amount of time left so we went and filmed Jack in the french corridors again and the artist lip singing, which we were supposed to do on Monday however, this has given us more time to do the last bits of editing.

So this was a very busy filming day (3hours) and I was knackered by the end of it, but we have all our shots now! Apart from the last tiny bit where the guys throw the main guy out, which we hopefully should be filming on Monday! I should be doing some editing on Monday period 5 and Tuesday after school, as well as in lesson time.