Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Showcase of Our Video

Today, we had a showcase of everybody's music video's. My group went first. 
I was quite surprised with how much the feedback helped in terms of making the video look more professional because I was constantly working on it and so I was unable to notice things that people who didn't know the background to it would notice.

We got negative and positive feedback. Some positive points that were made was that the performance looks real, as in the facial expression matched the lyrics and the music. Also, they understood the narrative, which was great because that was one of my worries, that the continuity wouldn't completely make sense to the audience.
The negative feedback however, included statements such as the chorus didn't look very professional and that the costumes were very 'samey'.
So I suggested that we re-film the chorus but this time in the drama studios, so have booked the room, and I know how to use the lights so we should be able to do this on Friday. I will be bringing in another top, I think a purple one as most of the costumes lack bright colours, and Ke$ha always wears bright colours in her videos.

Here is the video that was presented, the black screens is when footage has not yet been imported/edited.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Filming for Bridge #2

Today we finally filmed for the second bridge (line-up). However, Jack (the main male) wasn't in school so he couldn't film, instead of letting this get in the way, we filmed the other boys instead. We don't have to rely on other people so we did as much as we could and hopefully in the editing, it should come out right.
We only have 2 other boys (Jamie and Michael) that we officially had to be in the video, so I went down to the study centre to see what boys were in a free that would be in our music video. I asked about 7 boys and atlast, one boy said he wouldn't mind doing it! So we used those 3 boys and filmed as much as we could.
We needed point of view shots from me which we found difficult, as Natasha D is shorter than me but then  we tried putting the camera on a tripod infront of me, which worked well!
Altogether, I feel the filming today was successful, and so I should be uploading the footage tomorrow.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Filming Postponed

We were supposed to film today, however, the main guy couldn't make it so we couldn't film. I know that the deadline is coming up soon so we are going to try to find the next available date to film when we have got all our props, the actors and the location booked.
Instead, in this lesson time, we made the black strips to put in the background for our 2nd narration for the line up.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Filming for Bridge #2

Tomorrow we plan to do the bridge for the second bridge. We should be doing in period 1 in the french corridors. Due to the drama room always being busy, we changed our location to the corridor which is also a white background. This is also a better time slot as this is a free when we have at least 3 boys with no lessons that can help us out.
I've downloaded the song that we're using on to my phone so I can play it whilst I'm lip singing so that it doesn't make too much noise and we don't have to have cables everywhere to connect an ipod dock.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Change of Plan (Yet Again!)

So we had everything ready but the drama rooms where my group wanted to film were being used by a GCSE class. This was a flaw in my planning and preparation but it has taught me that I need to book the location in future.
I will be going to ask the Drama teacher when we can use the room tomorrow to officially book it, but this means finding a date suitable for my group AND our actors AND the teachers so it may be a bit difficult but it needs to be done!
However, this is the last scene needed to be filmed! ...and maybe a few more extras for the ending to make the clips a bit more snappy but the timeline is looking good! I'm confident at this moment that the video will be finished by the deadline and to a high standard (hopefully).

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Changing The Plan

Jack (our actor) has contacted me to tell me that me and him have a last minute school commitment which will take half an hour after school. This may affect our filming time but hopefully not too much.
Also, I've managed to get a few of my friends to play the guys at the line up for the second chorus and they've all agreed to come to school tomorrow at our decided filming time so this should be a successful filming session.

Today, in drama I took down the set that was stopping us from filming our second chorus so we can use the white background. So, hopefully in my free lesson tomorrow, I will make the black lines for the line up to make the scene more believable. 

This is what I want it to look like.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Filming for Narrative

Today we did the filming for the narrative and it was successful because we finally had Jack to play the 'guy'. I asked him when he was next available to film again and he said next Wednesday which works for me and Natasha.

I had a free first lesson whilst Natasha and Jack were in class, so in this time I...
- Printed pictures of Jack with another girl from Facebook (which I got permission for in form time)
These are the pictures I printed out and
stuck to black paper.
- Bought black paper so I could stick the pictures to the black paper and cut them up so they looked more professional. 
- Got a camera and tripod from the technician
- Got our tape for the camera
- Got the lamp 
- Got the ipod dock
- Got the flood light
- Got the extension lead from the hall
- Got the story boards so we knew what shots we needed in particular
- Got a table
- Bought all of these things down stairs to our location
- Painted my nails blue so that it is the same colour as the one we filmed the scene with before
- Got into my costume and did my hair and make up

I bought all this down so it was ready for filming when the group
were able to join me.
This was all ready by second period so it was ready for filming, this was great because it meant we had more time to film and less trying to get ready.
I thought Jack would be best in just his school uniform, minus his tie and scruffy hair. I gave him some water so it looked like he was sweating so it matched the image in our story board. 

He worked well and we got the shots we aimed for. Other than a teacher coming in at the end asking us to stop for health and safety reasons as we were in the way of the fire exit, but it was fine as we had shot all of our shots by then. 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Booked the Actor

I have messaged the boy (Jack) that we want to use in our video to make sure he is free for our video shoot tomorrow. He has said he will be free so filming will definitely proceed, we will be filming the interrogation scene which is the first bit of narrative.

This is a print screen of the conversation

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Editing Update 2

I haven't been in this week so far due to being off time table for a performance so this was my first day in school this week. 

I went straight to the editing computer and edited in the first chorus. I put effects in such as a colour change for certain beats. My partner thought they were pointless but I felt that a music video doesn't always HAVE to have a point to it, it just makes it more interesting to watch. She agreed after a while so we kept it in.

I'm quite enjoying editing, I'm getting used to it so I'm finding that I can edit scenes a lot faster than with my lipsync activity.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Editing Update

Half term has finished but I've been ill with the flu so I've only just come back to school yesterday. However, I got stuck straight in as I uploaded the footage that hadn't been uploaded from the tape.

Today, I made the bridge whilst in class. I put the pan shot across instead of quick shots because I thought this was the most effective as it was the nicest shot. Also, it was a good shot to add the 'blur' effect in, which I put in to make it look like a dream.
Then, in my double free, I came up to do some more editing in which I edited the second chorus so that it lead straight on to the bridge so therefore, a nice chunk of the video was complete.
In the left over time, I started on the first chorus. I wanted to make sure I hadn't used the same shots for both the chorus's because they're both of the artist performing. However, I didn't finish this, just a start.