Friday, 11 March 2011

Filming for Narrative

Today we did the filming for the narrative and it was successful because we finally had Jack to play the 'guy'. I asked him when he was next available to film again and he said next Wednesday which works for me and Natasha.

I had a free first lesson whilst Natasha and Jack were in class, so in this time I...
- Printed pictures of Jack with another girl from Facebook (which I got permission for in form time)
These are the pictures I printed out and
stuck to black paper.
- Bought black paper so I could stick the pictures to the black paper and cut them up so they looked more professional. 
- Got a camera and tripod from the technician
- Got our tape for the camera
- Got the lamp 
- Got the ipod dock
- Got the flood light
- Got the extension lead from the hall
- Got the story boards so we knew what shots we needed in particular
- Got a table
- Bought all of these things down stairs to our location
- Painted my nails blue so that it is the same colour as the one we filmed the scene with before
- Got into my costume and did my hair and make up

I bought all this down so it was ready for filming when the group
were able to join me.
This was all ready by second period so it was ready for filming, this was great because it meant we had more time to film and less trying to get ready.
I thought Jack would be best in just his school uniform, minus his tie and scruffy hair. I gave him some water so it looked like he was sweating so it matched the image in our story board. 

He worked well and we got the shots we aimed for. Other than a teacher coming in at the end asking us to stop for health and safety reasons as we were in the way of the fire exit, but it was fine as we had shot all of our shots by then. 

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