Thursday, 3 March 2011

Editing Update

Half term has finished but I've been ill with the flu so I've only just come back to school yesterday. However, I got stuck straight in as I uploaded the footage that hadn't been uploaded from the tape.

Today, I made the bridge whilst in class. I put the pan shot across instead of quick shots because I thought this was the most effective as it was the nicest shot. Also, it was a good shot to add the 'blur' effect in, which I put in to make it look like a dream.
Then, in my double free, I came up to do some more editing in which I edited the second chorus so that it lead straight on to the bridge so therefore, a nice chunk of the video was complete.
In the left over time, I started on the first chorus. I wanted to make sure I hadn't used the same shots for both the chorus's because they're both of the artist performing. However, I didn't finish this, just a start.

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