Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Showcase of Our Video

Today, we had a showcase of everybody's music video's. My group went first. 
I was quite surprised with how much the feedback helped in terms of making the video look more professional because I was constantly working on it and so I was unable to notice things that people who didn't know the background to it would notice.

We got negative and positive feedback. Some positive points that were made was that the performance looks real, as in the facial expression matched the lyrics and the music. Also, they understood the narrative, which was great because that was one of my worries, that the continuity wouldn't completely make sense to the audience.
The negative feedback however, included statements such as the chorus didn't look very professional and that the costumes were very 'samey'.
So I suggested that we re-film the chorus but this time in the drama studios, so have booked the room, and I know how to use the lights so we should be able to do this on Friday. I will be bringing in another top, I think a purple one as most of the costumes lack bright colours, and Ke$ha always wears bright colours in her videos.

Here is the video that was presented, the black screens is when footage has not yet been imported/edited.

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