Monday, 28 March 2011

Filming for Bridge #2

Today we finally filmed for the second bridge (line-up). However, Jack (the main male) wasn't in school so he couldn't film, instead of letting this get in the way, we filmed the other boys instead. We don't have to rely on other people so we did as much as we could and hopefully in the editing, it should come out right.
We only have 2 other boys (Jamie and Michael) that we officially had to be in the video, so I went down to the study centre to see what boys were in a free that would be in our music video. I asked about 7 boys and atlast, one boy said he wouldn't mind doing it! So we used those 3 boys and filmed as much as we could.
We needed point of view shots from me which we found difficult, as Natasha D is shorter than me but then  we tried putting the camera on a tripod infront of me, which worked well!
Altogether, I feel the filming today was successful, and so I should be uploading the footage tomorrow.

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