Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Video Complete!

So I filmed the last scene which took 15 minutes. I then uploaded the scene and edited it so that it all made sense. I copied the idea we had on the storyboard and so I had all the shots needed.

A lot of the lip synching was out of sync because when we imported shots, the lip synching moved along as it hadn't been locked. So I have put all the lip synching in place.

Also, I felt that the last part of the video was slightly boring as it just finished on to the doors (and not very attractive either!) so I imported the last clip on to iMovie and added a title at the end. I put the name of the song and the artist's name as she is a new artist so this would help to establish her as this is in big letters and pink, which is a popular colour for our target audience. I think it finished the video off nicely.

However I asked Miss to evaluate it as there is still a bit of time before the deadline and received feedback such as
- lip synching was slightly out at 3 points
- one image needs to be changed so that it has more energy in it

I will do these finishing touches tomorrow in my lesson. However, right now I am doing my evaluation.
So now the video is complete and I am asking people to watch it and give me final comments on what they think.

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