Monday, 4 April 2011

Editing Update 3

Today, in lesson me and Natasha both did some editing. We were supposed to be filming for the final sequence of chucking the guy out of the interrogation room however, the main guy went home early, even though we had booked him.
Instead, we started working on the final sequence.

I had a free lesson in period 5 so I went up to do some more editing. In this time, I finished the final sequence completely by implementing fast shots for the montage of the memories of when they were boyfriend/girlfriend. I have made it obvious that these are memories by using the 'sepia' effect on those clips. I sped up the shots of:
- Both of them running around (sepia also)
- Both of them talking and laughing on the bench (sepia also)
- Both of them walking together linking arms (sepia also)
- The artist freaking out
- The artist spinning around

Also, our feedback had said that the bridge could have been made better, so I imported the artist singing with the lights also as well as the old clips. This gives a variety of shots instead of just one boring one, it changes scenes on the beat which in a convention of most pop music videos.
I have put another small clip of the artist on the beat at the beginning because someone I was sitting next to said it would be good to have another shot on the next beat to make it sort of repetitive, which I found valuable advice. And people in class have told me that the video looks so much better now that we have re-filmed the chorus in the drama studies with the lights! So that's good!

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