Thursday, 4 November 2010

Green Day; Wake Me Up When September Ends

The two young people in the video who are smiling together are code for warmth, happiness, Summer and young love.
The washing hanging in the background is a code for the lifestyle they live in, middle class.
The lighting drains when the narrative shows the lifestyle that the boy has adopted.
The video has an opening dialogue which is a typical convention in alot of music videos, this has been placed to show the audience the background story of what happens in the narrative.
Other conventions used are
- intimate camera work
- sound bridges
- extreme close ups
- in and out of focus
- contrapuntal music
- a narrative in the interlude
- short, sharp edits
- images and narrative are in time
- band performing live
- series of each band mate
- juxtaposition between the girls life, and the boys life
- diegetic sounds
- images relate to the narrative and tell the story

This music video shows a lot of the narrative because it shows itself as a film at the beginning and middle and the characters stories progress throughout the video. However, the artist has showed the band performing to remind the audience of the actual music. They show their faces as well as the instruments to show that they make all their music themselves. This video has a good mixture of narrative and music.

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