Sunday, 7 November 2010

Carol Vernallis Quotes

'Quick cutting or editing on the beat' - Carol Vernallis
What is clear for my detailed research is that the music videos synchronise the images with the rhythm of the music itself. Vernallis states that the videos exhibit 'quick cutting or editing on the beat', this is evident in a number of videos I have analysed such as Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry.

The music videos I have analysed have a number of very short scenes or edits with consistently quick cuts; this notion is also explored by Vernallis who states 'edits in music videos come far more frequently then in film'

There is a massive responsibility on editing in music videos. The editing has to be able to convey the narrative. 

'Music video editing bears far greater responsibility for many elements than does classic Hollywood film editing'

'...the editing in a music video works hand in hand to ensure that no single element (the narrative, the setting, the performance, the star, the lyrics, the song) gains the upper hand.'

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