Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Kesha; Animal

- This was Kesha's first album so it was used to establish her style
- The album cover has the conventional album name and artist name
- The photo is black and white and looks like a vintage photo copy
- Her eyes and lips are defined as they are compared to her black and white face, hair and background
- The glittery font is a juxtaposition to the dark image
- The font for her name is in capital letters to emphasise her importance and show she isn't a quiet person
- The S in her name is a dollar sign, which is code for money to show she is rich and successful, this will hopefully become iconic for her
- The font is gold which is code for rich. Glitter is code for glamorous, young, careless
- The font for the album name is a purple/blue colour which is more of an 'animal' colour as it is dark
- The facial expression shows her confidence and squinting eyes make the audience not able to look into her eyes well. Keeping herself private

1 comment:

  1. Actually, the $ in her name shows that she was broke when she was writing the record and tht she doesnt need money because she is money lol