Monday, 8 November 2010

Market A Fake Artist - Reuben Jay

We were set to market a fake artist. I worked with Natasha and Jake and we chose to market 'Reuben Jay'. This is our presentation, we described the slides fully when presenting it.Slide 1: This is Reuben JaySlide 2: [Read slide and elaborate]Slide 3: [Read slide and elaborate]Slide 4: These two Michael Buble images are the kind of promotional clothing he will wear. The smart crooner look, however he is very young so we want to keep the cheekiness of Enrique's unbuttoned shirt. For events, he will be wearing the sort of clothing that Preston is wearing, smart, young and chilled.Slide 5: [Read slide] U-Stream will be used which is a website where Reuben can go on webcam and his fans can instantly type to him. That way, he will connect with fans on a personal level and his happy-go-lucky charm can come across. Also, we will make sure he replies to tweets on Twitter so that he interacts more with fans.Slide 6: [Read slide and elaborate]Slide 7: These PR stunts will make sure he attracts male and female fans. He will appear on talk shows such as The Graham Norton Show and Alan Carr: Chatty Man. Also he will perform his new single on Xtra Factor (this is the spin off show of x factor where smaller artists perform but still have the same audience as the bigger show).Slide 8: His music will mainly be exported online but you can buy the physical version if ordered directly as this is cheaper for an up and coming artist.Slide 9: [Read slide and elaborate]Slide 10: [Read slide and elaborate] He will also be interviewed by teen magazines such as 'Sugar' which will gain him many young fans when he explains he is looking for a girlfriend.Slide 11: [Read slide and elaborate]

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