Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Nirvana; Nevermind

- The importance of money
- Baby is code for purity and innocence
- Society is corrupt by money
- Juxtaposition of money and innocence
- The fact that the note is on a fishing rod shows that it is bait for humans, this is what they're driven by
- There is nothing else in the water apart from the money, which is code for this is the only thing the world has to offer to a new life
- Restricted in water
- Dollar bill; American code
- Ideological album cover - American society is corrupt; money driven
- Seriousness of band is highlighted by showing a political issue
- External blue colour is code for freedom and heavenly
- Bold and serious font; simple and pure
- A lot more to it than just an image, showing sophistication.
- Tall and thin font, code for proud

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