Monday, 8 November 2010

How Katy Perry Markets Herself

Katy Perry is on numerous social websites such as: is used as to speak to her fans on a personal level. Fans can follow her to find new updates about her and competitions. She is known for saying whatever she thinks, so she is always being talked about. She also uses it to promote her music. Her background right now is colourful because of her new single 'Firework' but it always changes depending on what she is trying to promote.

From her Twitter is a link to her website ( This promotes her new single and her album and gives fans a chance to buy it directly from here. This website changes depending on the theme, right now her new single is 'Firework', so the background has been suited for this. There is a Twitter feed with all her tweets, a place to view all her videos, news about her (for every country), online store (to buy merchandise), dates for her tour and a photo gallery on her home page alone. She also has many links to different pages of her website which you can see on the left and there are some more at the bottom such as how to join the street team, links to all her social networking sites and her biography.

She also has a Myspace account which you can find at Here, fans can become a friend and message/comment her. She probably doesn't read them though, as this is managed by her management and not the artist herself. The theme is similar to the one on her official website, which creates an iconic background for her. There is live streaming music that fans can just listen to and add to their own playlists. Also, there are blogs with the latest news.

Katy also promotes herself using Facebook ( You can chose to 'like' her, this creates more fans as if a person 'likes' something, then it shows on their timeline which all their friends will see. This makes people go and see who this artist is and listen to some of the tracks they have uploaded. This generates even more fans.

Katy uses a YouTube account to publicise her music videos ( Her background isn't the one that is on most of her pages, but this one is more for the album as a whole. This is because it is candy floss which is on the cover of her current album 'Teenage Dream'. This site allows users to 'subscribe' to her videos so they get alerted when she uploads a new video. Also they can add her as a friend. is a Tumblr account where she personally bogs. She gives her views in videos and uploads pictures, this gives fans more of a personal insight to her life than the musical side.

This is all the internet sides, but Katy Perry is marketed in many different ways. She currently has a very good gimmick with her album 'Teenage Dream' below.

The cover smells like candy floss to go with the theme. This encourages fans to buy the physical copy instead of the online copy (or both). 

She now goes on reality shows that look for singing talents. She was a judge for American Idol and X-Factor, marketing herself in 2 major countries affected by the music industry. She later performed her new single on the X-Factor.

She is on tour frequently, and she goes all out. She has an unconventional style with her clothing and themes which lead to her being photographed, which means a lot more publicity.

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