Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Katy Perry; Waking Up In Vegas

Starts with non diegetic music of the gambling machine.
- Dull colours, glamorous clothes but not so glamorous lifestyle.
    - The mis-en-scene is showing a poor non-glamorous lifestyle. It is in a laundrette, with an over filled bin next to the machine. Dull colours signify the non-glamorous lifestyle.
-       - A two shot showing that the woman is leaning on the man. Looks glamorous.
-       - Close up of coin. Shows that this could change their life.
-       - Long shot establishes where they are and their life style, which is dreary.
-       - A juxtaposition of her lifestyles, it contrasts between rich and high class to low class working in a laundrette.
-       - Singer sings in the narrative.
-       - Close up of hands, showing they’re in this together. She has gloves on and he has a suit on.
-       - Close up of him putting money in the machine.
-       - Zooms into characters as they see that they might win the money, and keeps flashing back to the machine.
-       - Close up on money coming down.
-       - Two shot, man is blurred but Katy isn’t. Focus is on Katy as she sings, to remind viewer about the actual music.
-       - Zooms out, equal focus on both characters. They’re wearing same costume but the lighting is brighter. Shows they’re on a poker table; gambling.
-       - The fact that they’re at the poker table, it signifies that they have money to burn. Everything about them, the costume, mise-en-scene shows they have money.
-       - It is Las Vegas, so it’s very bright. Bright lights are blurred in the background whilst narrative shows the happy couple in the middle of the screen.
-       - Katy has very low cut tops, which shows sexuality.
-       - Close up on hands as she has a jolt in the music, so there the music matches the narrative.
-       - Lyric image match.
-       - Advertising in the video by showing Katy’s album on her music phone.
-       - Zooms into males back whilst the background is blurred. You can see Katys face as she is very surprised.
-       - Everybody is very nice to the couple when they’re rich.
-       - 1:12 ‘Did we get hitched last night, dressed up like Elvis’ – Go to the memory showing the wedding and the man dressed up as Elvis.
-       - 1:31 Establishing shot of Las Vegas, which goes with the song. There are fireworks, flash cars and bright lights; the city that never sleeps.
-       - 1:56 Dancing when there is no singing
-       - 2:09 The couple are in a phone booth, with money all around them. This signifies that Las Vegas in all about money.
-       - The brightness shows happiness. This suggests that money is needed to be happy.
-       - 2:22 Singer mixes the lyrics with the narrative here as she tells the character to ‘Shut up and put your money where your mouth is, that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas’
-       - 2:32 Lyric says ‘Shake the glitter off your clothes now’. When the song says this, the character appears to be losing her money whilst gambling.
-       - 2:42 ‘That’s what you get baby’ The character sings this herself whilst staring at the camera, so she is trying to warn the audience. As she says this, men are in her room taking her possessions away, showing that people are no longer nice to you once you don’t have the money to give to them.
-       - At 2:50, you see the opposite of 1:04 when the men take their room back. This shows that both pairs of people have hit their low and high times of having money.
-       - The video is in a cycle as it starts and ends at the same point.

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  1. Again, your analysis of codes is very strong but do analyse the conventions of music videos, too.