Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Good Charlotte; The Young And The Hopeless

- This album cover shows the conventional album name and artist name.
- The artist name is the same colour as the album name which is a dark green 'grungy' colour to go with the genre of the music.
- The font of the artist name is medieval like however, the album name's font is more neat, showing a juxtaposition within the fonts.
- However, the album is unconventional as it doesn't have an image of the artist, it is purely showing a message that they want to portray to their audience.
- The album has a black circle around it, as if it is from a persons point of view, like someone is spying on the family. Good Charlotte show here that they feel that someone is always watching.
- The colours used are dark, as if to push the 'Hopelessness'.
- Shows children looking at the screen, to prove that they are young, and showing what our world is becoming on the screen.
- The cartoon like image shows the average family.

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  1. Some interesting and insightful analysis, here.