Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Steps To Designing A Cover

The Commission 
You give the job to the artist and give details about it. 

The Brief 
- Collaboration between the album artist 
- Talks with the music artist/band 
- Name of the album
- Lyrics/Song names
- Concept album
- Manager
- How best to promote the album/band

The Roughs 
Initial ideas based on the brief and the artists reaction to the music itself. There will usually be several 'roughs' to show the artist/manager who will often make the decision.

The Presentation
Where the artist presents the ideas either on large viewing boards or an actual CD case.

The Shoot
- Takes images for album artwork
- Make two different ideas
- Creating the concept

The Artwork
- Editing
- Cropping
- Create cover from this concept
- Combining everything to make finished article

The Printing 
- Separation
- Printing
- Production
- Distribution
- Images work as proofs

The Aftermath
Finished printed copy

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