Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Response To Storyboard

We have uploaded the storyboard on to the group blog now. The story board will prove to be useful as now we know what shots we need so we won't be wasting time by just filming the whole song with a medium shot, then a close up, then a wide shot etc.

I found it difficult because I wasn't sure what shots to do as we didn't always agree. However, we were able to compromise and we were both happy with the result.
I know the story board is subject to change, but it will help with the filming and make the process a lot faster.

We have split the video up into the narrative, the bridge and the chorus. Our video will follow typical conventions of pop music videos such as:
- artist performing on a stage (chorus)
- artist singing to the camera (bridge)
- a narrative storyline
- cuts to the beat

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