Monday, 6 December 2010

Prelim - Lip Sync Activity

The software used for this activity was Final Cut.
Personally, doing the prelim activity was very challenging. I got quite wound up not being able to use it, and at first it looked very daunting to me. To fix this, I went home and recorded my own clips and did my own practice movie on my macbook. I watched tutorials on YouTube on how to put effects in and how to use Final Cut. It was only a rough video, but it helped me understand the program a lot more, which helped with doing my prelim at school. Although it was hard at first, it became a lot easier, and proved to be a very useful program.

From doing this exercise, I learnt about the development of a music videos. I learnt how to cut clips and to add effects, transitions and how to render all. The most important thing I learnt was to save all clips on to the computer asap incase anything happens to the camera or the tape, which we unfortunately experienced, however, the tape came out of the video camera after a while. I was also told about scratch disks, which proved to be very helpful when wanting to swap files from the school mac to my macbook.

From this experience, I have been made much more confident in doing my final product. I now know the effects and possibilities I have now when using Final Cut whereas before, I didn't know what was possible with this program. I now know that during filming, we must film from many different angles, to make the most of the editing.

Over all, I found this experience enjoyable and by doing this, I am able to make a better video than before. Below is our final prelim video.

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