Friday, 28 January 2011

Response To Album Covers

I printed a copy of each of the album covers and showed them to 30 pupils aged between 14-19 years old. I did a tally chart on the back as I asked each pupil which album cover they would be most attracted to buy if in a music shop such as HMV. 

This image got 16 votes. I also got feedback such as:
- 'I love the font'.
- 'The hair is cute and the bold colours really contrast well with the faded picture of the face'.
- 'The off-the-shoulder top really goes with the theme, as the other outfits on the other covers don't really'.
This image got 4 votes. I also got feedback such as:
- 'The glitter makes it really girly and Kesha-like' (The artist we are compared to)
- 'I don't think the hair has enough character to it to be honest'
- 'The title looks quite messy to me'.
This image got 6 votes with feedback such as:
- 'I like how this is different as it's self titled'.
- 'The 'V' is a good idea but it needs to be tidied up a bit to make it look more professional'.
- 'The colour is really good here, and the eyes look sharp'.

This image got 4 votes with feedback such as:
- 'The font is so cool here!'
- 'I like how she looks like a cartoon here'
- 'She does look like an out of control artist here'

From this, I concluded that I would use the first album cover. This won't be hard to edit the MySpace page as I have the template ready to easily change.

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