Sunday, 2 January 2011

Modernism and Post Modernism within a Music Video

- Believes in experimentation.
- Broke boundaries that were set by previous art types.
- Elitist - appealing to most educated.
- 1900 - 1950s
- Stravinski - so shocking it caused a riot.

Post Modernism
- Pastiche.
- Eclectic - taking bits and pieces and putting them in a new context and creating originality.
- Self-referential, refers to itself.
- Wants the audience to be aware it is engaged with a text.
- Breaks the illusion of reality.
- Allusions - reference to another text - intertexuality.

A video that uses famously modernism and post - modernism is Telephone by Lady GaGa ft Beyonce. (This video is already on the blog)
- Their colours and graphics are allusion to Tarantino's Kill Bill.
- It crosses genre between music video and film.
- The jump cuts break the illusion.
- Self referential, GaGa expresses some of the famous rumours about her.
- Placing things that don't go together such as wearing a white dress whilst working out.
- A lot of product placement which helps to break illusion, a parody of product placement.
- Conscious of the production process.
- Madonna Vogue reference.
- Vehicle is an allusion of Kill Bill.
- Thelma and Louise references.
- Subtitles break illusion.

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