Monday, 10 January 2011

Costume for Artist

So the artist is a pop artist, so I've looked at a few current pop artist to see the type of clothing they wear. Here are a few images that inspired the look that I'm looking for in our artist:

This is Beyonce. This is her on stage performing and she is wearing a floaty shirt and shiny leggings. She's a very empowering artist who has made her mark on the music industry, so her fashion is always pretty god due to the people that choose her clothing. I like this idea and want to use it to inspire the outfit for the artist performing in the video, which is the chorus. 

This is Cheryl Cole in her music video. She's also wearing shiny leggings, heels and a bright red jacket. This jacket is eye catching because of the colour, and she is also known for her fashion sense. This outfit inspires the clothing I would want the artist to wear in the bridge of the video because that it when it is supposed to be obvious that it is a music video and not real life, just like Cheryl Coles music video.

This is Ke$ha, this is the artist who's song we are using so she is a big influence on nearly every aspect of the video and marketing. Here she has a laid back outfit, just a plain baggy top, leggings and biker boots. I think this would be a good costume for the narrative as it's more personal and more just like a normal person. Therefore, I'll see what clothes I can find that slightly resemble this in my cupboard!

This was a picture of Lily Allen just on a normal day out, but her clothing is also the sort of look that I'm going for. I like how the focus is on the bottom half (leggings) instead of the top unlike the others. It's also a chilled outfit and suitable for maybe marketing my artist.

So these are the images that have inspired me, so I'll be seeing what I can find to resemble these as I know they work well in the industry especially with pop musicians. However, I don't want to completely copy them, as for an artist to break through the music industry, they usually have to have something different about them so they can bring something new, interesting and refreshing to the industry.

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