Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Violet Rowe's Website

I decided that Myspace would be a suitable software to create a website for our artist as it has helped many other artists before because it allows, music to be uploaded and bought and to become friends with other people and artists.

I made an account for our artist which can be found at

At home, I uploaded:
- A few images of the artist as I realised that a profile with pictures is a lot more attractive than one without
- Some gigs and interviews
- A biography about Violet Rowe
- Added a few established artists and up and coming bands all within the Pop genre to generate more fans

I realised that the layout for MySpace has changed from how it used to be, so I have looked at a few forums to see if people have written tips on how to create an effective MySpace music page. I haven't found anything too helpful yet, but I will play around with it myself to see if I can improve it.

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