Friday, 18 February 2011

How I Made My Album Cover

  This was the initial image. I then cropped it so that it was a square shape and took some of the colour out using the software: iPhoto.
This was the outcome. I then imported it to Photoshop to edit out the cupboard. I used the stamp tool to copy the wallpaper where the cupboard was. This was a very conventional pop album cover as it is just a close up image of the artists face.
I then did the album name and artist name using fonts from I edited the colour of these by putting patterns in the artist name and embossing the album name.
To make the album more personal instead of too conventional, I searched online for an image of lips to resemble a kiss. I found this image to do the job: 
I then edited out the white bits to make it transparent so it looked like the kisses were from the artist straight on to the album cover and put the kisses on each side of the album name, I mirrored the image on one side to make it even, which I think is important in a successful album cover.
This was the final result after my editing: 

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