Monday, 25 October 2010

Different Cuts

Jump Cuts
When the camera angle remains static but there's an edit in the filming. Music videos use jump cuts for effect.
Used frequently for specific effects...
- to jar audience
- make people conscious that they're watching a music video
- if you have a jump cut in a film, it breaks the realism, looks like a mistake.

The 30 Degree Rule 
This is to avoid jump cuts. The camera moves atleast 30 degrees and the audience moves with it helping with the audiences involvement with the music video.

The 180 Degree Rule
- audience has a certain position
- breaking it disorientates the audience so it is suitable for a music video but not a film.

Graphic Match
- Jumps to something that is a similar shape or colour in the next shot
- Create fluency with links.

Match on Action
- Ongoing
- Chase scene
- Idea of lots of people doing something

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